About the Executive Director

DoraLee Larson, Executive Director


I have been deeply committed to the Battered Women’s Movement for over 25 years, currently as Executive Director of the Denver D.V. Coordinating Council for 8 years and as Community Education Director for SafeHouse Denver. As past Executive Director for Project Safeguard (10 years) I co-created Colorado’s first Domestic Violence Fatality Review Project and Denver’s first official CourtWatch Program. I firmly believe that social change is the most effective method of helping to prevent violence against women and therefore reducing the number of women, children and others killed in the `war at home.’ The DDVCC currently manages the DV Fatality Review committee and I am the director of the project.

I served as consultant to create the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board and was then honored to serve on that board. I am immediate past board chair of the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence. I am particularly in awe of how much progress and success has happened within the Denver Police Department – especially the Domestic Violence Investigation Unit. I am very committed to the concept – and the application – of authentic criminal legal system and community collaboration (not cooption) to prevent domestic violence.

My undergraduate emphasis was in Sociology with a concentration in Women’s Studies and Counseling, from Sangamon State University in Springfield, Illinois and my M.A. course work at CU Boulder is also in Sociology. I taught for 3 years, part-time at the Community College of Aurora, concentrating in Domestic Violence Intervention, Prevention and Services. In that arena, I have provided literally thousands of hours of trainings, presentations and seminars for prosecutors, victim advocates, law enforcement, clergy, judges, medical personnel, university students (and faculty) and the general public, both locally and internationally. I’ve also published several articles and participated in many research projects (specific to domestic violence and violence against women) with Dr. Joanne Belknap at CU Boulder Sociology Department and Dr. Anne DePrince, University of Denver Department of Psychology.

My mantra continues as – ‘If we don’t think domestic violence affects us personally, we could be dead wrong.’

DoraLee Larson
Executive Director